iRNA – COSI ’21

ISMB 2021, Virtual

The Integrative RNA Biology group (iRNA) would like to invite you to the 18th edition of the ISMB iRNA-COSI
meeting. Join us to learn more about RNA biology and the computational challenges involved.

Please save the date: July 28th  to 30th

Travel support and poster winner prize sponsored by the RNA Society

The integrative RNA biology (iRNA) meeting at ISMB brings together computational and experimental experts that drive new advances in RNA biology and overcome the computational challenges involved.

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Abstract Deadline: May 06, 11:59 PM ET
Deadline for poster only abstract submission: June 3rd

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Yue Wan

Dr. Wan’s group aims to understand how RNA structure contributes to RNA function during development and in diseases. The group utilizes and develops new high throughput sequencing technologies and analytics to study RNA structure and dynamics in a genome-wide manner.

Manuel Irimia

The research in Prof. Irimia’s group tries to answer two fundamental questions: (i) how we develop into an organism formed by billions of perfectly organized cells from a single-cell zygote during embryo development, and (ii) how we have evolved from our invertebrate ancestors over the last 500 million years of evolution. For this, his lab focuses on the role that transcriptome diversification through alternative splicing and whole genome duplication plays in vertebrate development and evolution. They combine multiple approaches, from in vivo studies using animal models to high throughput computational analyses.

Kathi Zarnack

Dr. Zarnack’s group focuses on the computational integration of multi-omics data to resolve the regulatory principles of RBP function in RNA-regulatory processes including alternative splicing and polyadenylation, translation and RNA localisation, with a particular interest in clinically relevant scenarios. Our work builds on custom solutions and pipelines for fast and efficient data analysis.

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iRNA COSI will run July 28-30

The schedule is available here.

The complete iRNA Group schedule is also available on the ISMB website.

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