iRNA Webinar 11.2021: Robust single-cell discovery of RNA targets of RNA-binding proteins and ribosomes, Dr. Kris Brannan, UCSD

Last week we had a terrific presentation by Dr. Kristopher Brannan, describing his recent first author paper on new technologies developed at Gene Yeo’s lab at UCSD for detecting RBP binding to RNA targets at single-cell resolution.

The method Kris and his colleagues developed is called STAMP (“Surveying Targets by APOBEC Mediated Profiling”). As the name implies, they fuse APOBEC to full length RBPs to get reading of binding sites via RNA modifications.

Kris described several applications for this cutting edge tech, like detecting translation (by detecting Ribosome protein footprint, instead of RiobSeq) or combining it with long reads sequencing to detect isoform specific binding of RBPs – very cool!

If you missed the online presentation fret not! We have you covered with the video recording already uploaded here:

And of course there is a the actual paper with all the details here.

Thank you Kris for a great presentation, thank you Danielle for moderating, ISCB academy for hosting, and we hope you all enjoy it as much as we did! 😃